The objective of this WIKI is to help you:

  • When you need more depth of information on retailing or the consumer goods sector
  • When you need a key piece of knowledge right NOW!
  • When you want to prepare for an important business meeting
  • When you need to address a specific problem in either the retail or the consumer goods manufacturing industries
  • When you need to develop a sales or key account plan
  • When you need specific input for a project or task
  • To get useful tools and job aids which you can use day to day.
  • Retail and CG supply chain
  • Entity overviews
    • Manufacturing
    • Retail
    • Wholesale *
    • Logistics *
  • Industry trends
    • Manufacturing
    • Retail
  • Industry financials
  • Technology deployed
  • Departmental structure
  • Executive roles
  • Responsibilities
  • Business objectives
  • Reporting line
  • KPI measures
  • Challenges and pain points
  • Key processes
  • Systems of interest
  • Process overviews – all CG and Retail processes
  • Process detail for key processes
  • Job aids and tools
  • Solution selling vs product selling
  • Target account research
  • Performance gap analysis
  • Suspect opportunity identification
  • Who to contact and how to get appointments
  • Emails, letters, call scripts templates
  • Discovery meeting questions
  • Sales plan development
  • KPI definition
  • Ways to improve

How to help businesses:

  • Achieve their objectives
  • Address their challenges
  • Reduce or eliminate their pains
  • Assess the benefits


If you would like a demonstration or evaluator access for a short time, please Contact Martec.  More information is available at

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